The Modern: Cedar Grove

Last week, we took date night to the Cedar Springs neighborhood for the most delightful dinner at Cedar Grove, the newish swanky restaurant in the former DISH space just off The Strip. I say swanky, and I know that’s kind of a cliche term, but that’s just what it is. The food is exciting and maybe a touch unexpected (read: Cheez-it Crusted Mac n Cheese), the interior design is unique and bold, and the service was next to none!

You enter to find a modern cedar grove recreated with bold white tree cutouts that tower over the dining room. The ambient lighting changes color and projects a subtle rainbow of light onto the stark white trees. It’s almost as if the dining room is glowing.

But the food. THE FOOD. Can we talk about the only thing that was previously missing from Mac n Cheese? That’s right. As referenced, Cheez-it crumbs bake atop the creamiest, cheesiest, sauced pasta and creates a crust on top. The heavier pasta dish was the perfect compliment to our other starter plate, the lighter Crab Cakes. The lightly fried cakes are a traditional take on a crab cake, spilling out with real lump crab. The cakes are then garnished with a sweet and spicy combination of red pepper aioli and a sweet corn salsa.

The Ahi Tuna is encrusted with sesame seeds, seared for just a moment, and topped with a stone fruit chutney. It’s then sliced (a bit too thick, in my opinion) and set atop the most delicious soba noodles, dressed with soy and sprinkled with scallions.

Sesame Crusted Ahi Tuna with stone fruit chutney.

Cedar grove is also the perfect spot for after work drinks and a snack – grab a cocktail at the bar and enjoy a shareable starter. And did I mention that they have FROSÉ? Yes, frozen Rosé wine spiked with liquor that gives it just the kind of punch it needs to be a frozen cocktail. If you’re more of a traditionalist like me, I’d go with the Wooded Manhattan with private label mount gay black barrel (aged for 60 days in american oak), dolin rouge, and angostura.

And finally, dessert. I obviously couldn’t forget to tell you about the most insane sundae I’ve ever had. The S’Mores Sundae is every bit as delicious as the photo looks with layers of  rocky road ice cream, hot fudge, graham cracker crumbs, topped with marshmallow fluff and toasted. Yes. That’s your calling to get your bum to Cedar Grove.


I’ll add this to my list of most exciting restaurant experiences I’ve had in a long time. Cedar Grove doesn’t take itself too seriously, has fun with the dining experience, and turns out top notch food and creative cocktails. What else could you ask for?


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