Moving Made Easier with My Utilities

The only thing worse than moving is setting up new utilities. Trust me, I know. In the last 3 months, I’ve moved twice (long story, don’t ask, ha). And canceling/reconnecting utilities is enough to drive me to drink! Which carrier to choose? How do you know where to find the best prices? Is it a good deal? Send in My Utilities, the comprehensive utility solution that cuts the amount of time you spend setting up electric, water, cable, internet, etc., to just 15 minutes.

My Utilities simplifies the process of moving and works hard to take as much stress out of moving as possible. Instead of spending hours surfing the web and calling around to different utility providers, they do it ALL for you. All you have to do is tell them what services you want and when you need them set up! They take it from there – they do the research, finds the best deals, and makes the connections. A phone call with My Utilities only takes about 15 minutes to get all the utilities set up. After the services are connected, they send you an email so you can have all your account information in one place. My Utilities save their users an average of 5 hours in the process of setting up utilities and typically save our users a couple hundred dollars a year on bills. Now, that’s something I can get behind! Less complication means more time enjoying this great city!

Three Simple Steps!
1. Tell them when you move.

2. They’ll find all your options.

3 You pick, then they set it all up.

 To learn more and get set up:

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