Forget Happy Hour and Head to Snuffer’s for Happy-Tizers!

Snuffer’s is not only a Greenville Ave. icon, but also a neighborhood icon. Tell me you haven’t stumbled into Snuffer’s after the infamous St. Patty’s Day Parade and buried your face in some of their legendary Loaded Cheese Fries – coming up for air only when more beer is needed. You can’t. Snuffer’s knows who they are – bar food – and it’s delicious, cheesy, melty, fried, etc. – basically everything bar food should be. Not to mention, their burgers are fantastic (see: D Magazine’s Best Burger 2015)!

Snuffer’s invited me to get a taste of their new Happy-Tizer menu with items at just $2 and $3. Each portion has been reduced to an individual size, but you won’t leave hungry. Better yet, smaller portions means you can try more than just one! I genuinely enjoyed every item – and I tried them all. If I had to narrow down my favorites, the Fried Mushrooms, Mini Quesadilla Burger, and Mini Bacon Cheeseburger would definitely make the list.

Learn moreย HERE!

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