C’mon Get Happy – Join Harwood District for Happiest Hour

Last night, I attended the Blogger Preview for Happiest Hour, Harwood District’s latest and largest restaurant concept within their 18-city block district within Uptown. The two deck restaurant and bar features 12,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor seating, fire-pits, garden games, and a rooftop patio showcasing an amazing view of downtown Dallas.

As we’ve come to expect from the Harwood District, the design concept is visually stunning and stimulating. The finishes are a mix of stone and wood with an industrial chic vibe. Inside, theres a mix of hard and soft with stone, grey-stained wood, burnished leather, and antiqued metal. Above the bar is an amazing light installation of hanging exposed Edison bulbs.

We’ve also come to expect amazing food from Harwood’s restaurant concepts and Happiest Hour reinforces that sentiment. Signature dishes include, Kuby’s Sausage, the Dino Rib featuring a 12 hour smoked cross cut beef rib, and the Whistle Stop Sandwich with fried green tomatoes, mozzarella, sweet pickle marmalade on a brioche bun.

The extensive drink menu features thoughtfully crafted artisan cocktails and a lively international selection of 8 wines on tap. The selection of 50 draft beers includes local favorites from Deep Ellum Brewing Co., Grapevine Craft Brewery and Revolver brewing.

Needless to say, Happiest Hour ticks all my boxes and could very well become my new go-to bar. I think it’s refreshing to find an indoor/outdoor bar, in Texas, that caters to the modern customer – rather than a country-influenced outdoor bar. Not to mention, I think their logo is genius and I love the name, Happiest Hour.

Find out more on their website, HERE!

Follow them on Instagram (HERE) and on Twitter (HERE).

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