Meet The Designer – @simplestamp Jewelry’s Katie Kisko

I’m always supportive of anyone who breaks free from corporate America and turns their passion into a business. More specifically, I’m supportive of women who defy traditional gender roles and become their own #girlboss (I hope I’m allowed to use that hashtag without getting in trouble, haha). I’ve known Katie Kisko for over four years and was delighted when she reached out to partner with Live Be Dallas on her new stamped jewelry line. I was even more delighted to find how quirky and fashionable her pieces were. My favorite thing about simplestamp jewelry is that it’s completely customizable. You have the ability to make it your own and fit into your personal style. Also, I love her Instagram feed. The way she merchandises her product is stunning and equally as quirky as her jewelry. Click through her feed HERE! I’ve included a few of my favorite images below.

You can browse her shop HERE to get your own custom piece! Use discount code “LIVEBEDALLAS” and get 30% off your purchase. (You’re Welcome)

Meet the designer – in Katie’s words:

After six long years in retail, I started simplestamp this March, with the desire to create custom handstamped pieces of jewelry. Creativity has always been a big part of my life, and I’m so lucky to spend my days making my jewelry. Dallas has been the best home for my business, and I’m excited to be a part of the fashion and design world of this city!

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