Super Chix Saves The Day

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect chicken sandwich ever since a certain chicken chain decided they were against equality and made news with statements of bigotry and hate. I’d tried Cane’s chicken sandwich, and I love Cane’s chicken strips, but it was just chicken strips on a bun. I wanted the classic chicken sandwich that has a full breast, lightly breaded, perfectly fried, with only a pickle garnish. Fast forward to the arrival of Super Chix – the relatively new fast casual chicken chain from Yum! Brands (although they recently bought themselves out from under the Yum! umbrella.)

The concept is easy – chicken strips or a chicken sandwich, simply fried, hand-cut fries, and fresh frozen custard. The difference, though, is that Super Chix uses only the best ingredients and brings a simplistic approach to the, “last true chicken sandwich.” I consider myself a pickle snob. I love pickles and Super Chix’s pickles are outstanding. Delivered to the restaurant as a cucumber, sliced thin, and brined for over 38 days. It’s a simple garnish, but the flavor makes all the difference. You can also get their chicken Nashville-style with a hot pepper vinegar sauce, (think wing sauce without the butter).

Lastly, I mentioned custard and I know you didn’t think I was going to breeze over one of my favorite desserts without explaining how Super Chix uses only Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and the sharper flavor of Indonesian vanilla beans to flavor their custard base. They have weekly custard specials so call ahead and ask. On my visit, the custard special was Coffee and Donuts – featuring the cherished Deep Ellum Glazed Donut Works donuts. The custard was creamy, the coffee flavor wasn’t too overpowering, and the pieces of donuts throughout sent it over the top. So ‘deslish!



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