Magnolias – Sous le Pont

I am very lucky to have a career that allows me to work remotely. I can work from practically anywhere with an internet connection…and coffee. But, mainly coffee. I have a few go-to coffee shops in Dallas and one I keep visiting over and over is Magnolias. Located in the Harwood district, Magnolias is located under the pedestrian bridge of the 2727 building – hence the name “Sous le Pout” which means “under the bridge” in French.

Not only is the space visually stunning with mid-century furniture expertly paired with industrial pieces, but their coffee game is no joke. They’ve enlisted the master of all coffee (I’m sure there is an official title for him, but I like mine better), Dee Traylor, to curate a menu that is all about great coffee. Dee is equal parts mad scientist meets barista. On my last visit, he busted out a contraption that looked like something I used in High School Science class – only to brew me the perfect cup of coffee. He also dazzled me with his latte art – so intricate and beautiful.

For more, visit:

Or find out more about the Harwood District at:

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