Four Corners Brewing Co.

I recently made the decision to set out on an adventure… I want to visit all the major breweries in the DFW area before the end of summer. For no particular reason other than my new appreciation for craft brewing that has come with age. As the years outside of college grow, so does my affection for real beer – but also the craft behind brewing. Don’t get me wrong, on a long day at the pool, I’ll drink a “water beer” that has “lite” in the name, but prefer craft beer. With the help from an old work buddy, who I’m now unofficially deeming the “Live Be Dallas Beer Correspondent”, I set out to my first brewery – Four Corners Brewing Co. in Oak Cliff (Trinity Groves).

I’m not going to tell you much, because I really think you should experience this brewery for yourself, but I will tell you it’s going to be hard to top this tour. The tour was led, beer in hand, by one of the owners of FC Brewing. Hearing the incredibly personal story makes you appreciate the beer in your hand so much more. We also had the pleasure of touring the brewery with the Brew Master – who’s authority for the craft is evident from the first word out of his mouth. They have tours every Saturday at 12p and 1:30p. More info:


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