Rodeo Goat – Best New Patio in Dallas

Just in time for the first day of Spring, I’ve found my new go-to patio. Rodeo Goat, a Ft. Worth staple, has opened in Dallas’ Design District serving up burgers, epic cheese fries, and a patio that is sure to be packed in the upcoming days of incessant heat. Even on the gloomy day I went, the portable fire boxes made the patio so enjoyable and took the chill out of the air. They have long communal picnic tables, intimate seating areas, and games to satisfy everyone’s Sunday Funday. ย The patio overlooks a Trinity River offshoot and provides just enough nature to take you out of the city.

Rodeo Goat is known for their burgers. They have several to choose from, each as inventive as the next. On this occasion, I tried “The Mother Blues”, a rather simple burger, but full of flavor from the blue cheese slaw and caramelized onions. Pro tip: Extra napkins – it gets messy. But perhaps the real triumph of my meal were the cheese fries – with no “surprise”. Their cheese fries come with or without a “surprise” – on this day, it was Chili. This is bar food – but with the volume turned up. I consider myself a cheese fries champ – meaning I’ve tried a lot of cheese fries – and Rodeo Goat takes the win. Often, cheese fries can become one solid mass of soggy fries and cheese – but these fries were crisp, maintained their texture and held up to the toppings.


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