Modmarket – A Modern Approach To How We Eat

I was happy to attend the media event for Modmarket – a new eatery at the newly established Preston Hollow Village. Preston Hollow Village is the new, long needed, development at Walnut Hill and HWY 75 that will soon play host to a Trader Joes, Tangerine Salon, Blue Sushi Sake Grill, and of course, Modmarket (among others).

Modmarket fits perfectly into how I live my life with the idea that healthy food doesn’t need to mean flavorless and boring. I always preach that eating right isn’t necessarily about eating “healthy”, but instead, smart eating and moderation. Modmarket was started because owners Anthony and Rob wanted food that: Tasted great, made from scratch, made from whole ingredients, was quick, not too expensive, and could be eaten everyday. This describes the modern lifestyle a lot of us live and also became the “Mod” in Modmarket.

Modmarket enforces this modern way of living and eating right down to their stores. They have a clean, modern design with real plates, glasses, and silverware. They have a fast casual approach to ordering where you order at the counter and then they “give you five to ten minutes to contemplate life while we make your meal.” Ultimately, they do a great job of changing your expectation of what a $10 meal looks like.

I was incredibly impressed by how all of these principles translated to my dining experience. The restaurant was open and airy, but visually stimulating with pops of acid yellow on their industrial-style seating. The overall aesthetic had an industrial feel that didn’t interfere with the main focus of the dining room – which is the open kitchen where you can see your meal come together.

I sampled many of their signature dishes and was equally impressed by all. The standout for me was the Wild Mushroom pizza – a seasonal item that is only available for a limited time. I typically prefer white-sauce pizzas or light red sauce – I’m just not a huge red sauce fan. This pizza had crème fraiche as a sauce, wild mushrooms, gorgonzola cheese, red onion, arugula, and a 3-cheese-blend. Another favorite was the Superfood Salad that had spinach and kale, quinoa pilaf, feta, carrot, almonds, red grapes – but the star was the campagne vinaigrette. The vinaigrette had just the right tang and balance to pull the dish together. A real stand-out.

Another aspect of Modmarket that impressed me was their wine on-tap. Yes, you heard that right, wine on-tap. And the kicker – it’s $2 a glass. I tried the red and was impressed. This wasn’t the $2 bottle of wine that you can get at some grocers that can also be used to remove paint from cars – but a smooth and balanced pinot. I like to consider myself ‘moderately cultured’ and I was dumbfounded that wine could be on-tap. Anthony, the owner, informed me that several top NYC serve wine on-tap and you’d never know when you order it. In addition, they also have several beers on-tap and coffee selections.

Overall, I’m happy restaurants like this exist and continue to identify Dallas as an appropriate market. Dallas is dominating the food scene from every angle and Modmarket is the perfect addition. In addition to the Preston Hollow Village location, there are also locations in Flower Mound, Plano, with a Southlake and Richardson location opening soon. Find out more at:


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