An American Classic – Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.

Stop the presses. Bishop Arts now has a restaurant devoted entirely to the grilled cheese. You heard correctly – an entire menu of imaginative grilled cheeses. Who doesn’t love a grilled cheese? It’s a childhood staple made from two pieces of white Mrs. Baird’s bread and Kraft American processed cheese. You always thought it was perfection – until Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. shatters all expectations with their mind-blowing grilled cheeses!

The restaurant is a few doors down from a personal brunch favorite, Oddfellows, and has great patio seating at long communal tables that promote interaction between guests. I dined here on a Saturday at noon and was happy to find a seat on the patio. I have to note, however, that they are going to need some kind of shade come summer. I was seated next to a couple who must have hated their lives because they had nothing positive to say about their meal – which got me worried. Luckily, it turned out they were just miserable and the food was anything but.

I started with a beer (as it was 70 degrees in February and I was faking that it was patio weather) and began to evaluate the menu. They had an entire page of appetizers in which I chose to disregard in favor of going directly to the grilled cheese menu. After all, I was there for a piece of their namesake, a grilled cheese. I was happy to find over 10 different grilled cheeses, salads, soups, and sides. I really felt like keeping it simple – I always say you can tell how good a restaurant is by how they finesse the simplest dish.

I decided on the JK’s Favorite (I wish I knew what or whom JK was), a sandwich with parmesan-crusted grilled sourdough, American, cheddar, gruyère cheeses, crumbled bacon, and dijon mustard (the dijon was the perfect compliment to cut through being overwhelmed by cheese). All I can say is I wish I was a cartoon with unhingeable jaws so I could eat the entire thing in one bite – it was fantastic. Another member of my group ordered the D’s BSTC (again, I have no idea who D is, but I bet she’s fabulous), grilled sourdough with bacon, spinach, tomato and gruyère. Fries were an option, but I chose to go with the DGC Tomato Ambles Soup – which was a surprisingly tasty riff on Campbell’s Tomato Soup (gross). Sidetone – they serve their sandwiches with a compound butter which just sent me over the edge. Who was the genius who came up that idea. I vote for compound butter on everything. (butter, garlic, basil? or parsley)

The best part about the experience is how relaxed it seemed. Simple comfort food – but with the volume turned way up. It’s relatable. It’s easy.


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