Yolk Dallas – Needs More Than Just The Yolk

After working up an appetite watching the Xerox building being imploded (to make room for the controversial Sam’s Club – don’t even get me started, I decided I needed sustenance so I pulled into One Arts Plaza to try Yolk – the new breakfast joint that has migrated from Chicago to downtown Dallas. Overall, I was left with the feeling of… “Meh”.

Maybe I went into this breakfast with too lofty of expectations. Yolk has been buzzed about from the Dallas blogger community, but also it has a big following in Chicago…. But, I just kept feeling underwhelmed. First, the interior space looked inexpensive and juvenile. Blue and yellow are the colors of choice and ultimately overwhelm the space. The finishes just felt…cheap, for lack of a better word, right down to the doily that the coffee cup sat on.

I ordered the Chicken and Waffles and was, for the most part, satisfied. Tender fried chicken strips topped a Belgian waffle that had specks of bacon throughout. The waffle was perfectly cooked with a tender, cake-y, middle and crisp outer crust. The menu read, “fried chicken breast”, and what I got were chicken strips that could, and may actually, be served at Dairy Queen (I wasn’t necessarily mad about it.) Another dish ordered at the table was a basic Eggs Benedict to which he shared the same sentiment – it was just…okay.

Yolk is a nice addition to Downtown and One Arts Plaza needs something to work…but, I have to say, if there was more breakfast restaurants in the area to compete with Yolk…I’m not sure how it’d stand up. Yolk was just a half-notch above an iHop in my book.


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