“Remedy” Is The Only Remedy For My Hunger

Sometimes, when I hear myself say, “Dallas’ hottest new restaurant is [blank],” I instantly want to kick my own ass for how pretentious I sound. Another part of me has déjà vu of the classic Bill Hader skit from Saturday Night Live where he plays an NYC nightlife correspondent and ridiculous antics ensue. (Google “Stefan SNL” if you have no idea what I’m talking about. You’ll thank me.)

That said, “Dallas’ hottest new restaurant,” is exactly how I would describe Remedy on Lower Greenville – and for good reason. This restaurant has everything, classic foods with the volume turned up, a throwback soda counter, shakes, malts, classic cocktails, and an ambience that is worth the reservation in itself. I read that the weekend wait time was over two hours, so I made sure to make a reservation for a Monday night to avoid all of that waiting nonsense. (Pro tip: Trying hotspots Mon-Wed is a great way to avoid any type of wait.)

Firstly, I need to say that Remedy could, quite possibly, be my favorite restaurant since HG Sply Co. Every detail was carefully thought through to offer a cohesive dining experience – start to finish. The décor, which I mentioned before, is reminiscent of a throwback drug store/soda fountain complete with octagonal tile, antiqued mirror columns that soar two stories, upholstered banquettes, and the avocado-green accent color that carries right down to the table napkins. If I’m being overly critical, which I’m known to be, I didn’t understand the plate choices. They were this Stoneware…rustic…speckled nonsense that didn’t speak to the overall vibe at all. You can never go wrong with white place settings and let your food pop.

Next, the food. THE FOOD! We started with the deviled eggs and hushpuppies – the latter being quite an unusual starter – so we had to try it. The deviled eggs were creamy with a hint of fresh dill, and the hushpuppies were lightly fried and weren’t overly dense like you may typically find elsewhere. Our main dishes were equally impressive.

I had the Filet of Fish sandwich (I had to – I grew up on that McDonald’s mystery patty Filet-o-Fish goodness.) The mild white fish was perfectly fried, again light like the hushpuppies, with a slice of American cheese and house-made tarter sauce. I had chosen fries as my side, but a friend (who had the same sandwich because we are just in sync like that) ordered the Tomato Soup – AND I WAS ENVIOUS! The soup was so good, that I’d put it up against La Madeleine any day – and it’d come out on top. The soup was creamy, silky, not too tomato-y, and would be perfect with a grilled cheese (also a menu item).

The table also ordered the TX Shrimp and Grits and was equally impressed with sautéed gulf shrimp, bacon-cheddar grits, smoked shrimp butter (whatever that is), and marinated tomatoes. The dish was so good, it made my friend put his phone down for at least ten minutes (something he had struggled with up to that point). A subjective piece of feedback, however, is that it left him still hungry…and judging by the portion in the photo, I feel it’s justified. The last dish ordered from the table was the BLT – another classic. This sandwich was your typical BLT – on steroids, bro. Crispy cured pork belly, little gem lettuce, TX tomato, green tomato chow chow, and citrus-black pepper cream cheese on toasted challah bread. You read all of the correctly – like I said, sandwich steroids.

Finally, you can’t go to a throwback restaurant without trying the desserts! We had two classic desserts that were fantastic – but it’s hard to mess up sundaes. The dessert menu was vast with pies, shakes, malts, sundaes, brownies….anything to satisfy the sweetest tooth. I’m kicking myself for not trying an egg cream, though – but it gives me something to return for.

I’m already dreaming of what to order on my next visit – because I have a sickness called hunger and Remedy is the only remedy for it. See what I did there? See that?


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