The Best Burger Joint You’ve Probably Never Been To

Located on Main Street in downtown Dallas…you know downtown, right? It’s that part of Dallas that isn’t Uptown, Bishop Arts, or Deep Ellum. Got it? Okay, now that you know where downtown is, it’s time for you to know where one of the best burger joints in Dallas is. Chop House Burger is part of the DRG Concepts family of restaurants which operates Dallas Chop House, Dallas Fish Market, Wild Salsa, and others. They basically raised the downtown restaurant game beyond the gag-worthy Subway, Which Wich (gag harder) or whatever is in the horrific tunnel system (google it). Chop House Burger started at Dallas Chop House as their best-selling burger which led to it getting its own restaurant in 2010.

The menu at Chop House Burger is simple and easy – as a burger joint should be. Simple and easy doesn’t necessarily have to mean boring, either. Their burgers are still inventive – but not fussy. All burgers are served on a soft and toasted brioche bun that is so buttery it melts in your mouth. The menu offers a mouthwatering selection of gourmet burgers, salads, sides, decadent shakes and desserts made from scratch every day and served in a casual restaurant atmosphere emulating the look and feel of an old-fashioned butcher shop. Let’s not pass over the sides, though. They have the crispiest shoe-string fries that you can get truffled with white truffle oil and parmesan, or topped with homemade Texas-style chili.

Scroll down to read my top 3 burgers.

As a Dallasite who lives and works downtown, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of enjoying every burger on the menu and have boiled down my top three as follows in ranking order:

1. The Chop House Burger: Black summer truffle sauce, shaved red onion, tomato, and green leaf lettuce

2. Wine Country Burger: Olson Cattle Company Beef, goat cheese, honey mustard, arugula, shaved red onion, tomato

3. Ahi Tuna Burger: Sushi grade tuna, wasabi mayo, pickled ginger, nori chip, arugula

Burb Tip: Dallas Chop House is expanding and has multiple locations coming soon (Plano, Frisco, Southlake, and Fort Worth).

Downtown location: 1501 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75201


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