Emporium Pies – Meant To Be

As the title suggests, my visit to Emporium Pies in Bishop Arts was meant to be. What I mean by that is, I frequent Bishop Arts quite often, but the thought of waiting in line for pie sends me into hysterics (lines, in general, do that to me). Lines can be two things: 1. A sign that it’s worth waiting for, or 2. A deterrent. I’m happy to report that, for the most part, Emporium Pies is worth it.

During a recent brunch outing with my mother, we were strolling along the quaint Bishop Ave. streets – popping in and out of the shops that give Bishop Arts its’ heart and soul – when we passed Emporium Pies *gasp* without a line. Could this be a mirage…a reverse mirage since it was late December and freezing? I was convinced they were closed (as I was trying to explain that there is always a line). Nonetheless, we decided to duck in and indulge in some decadent holiday desserts.

To date, I have had the pleasure of enjoying three different pies. The “Father Christmas” was by far my favorite with a rich and creamy peppermint filling inside a chocolate cookie crust (which I’m convinced is Oreo – but of course paying for the namesake would be too much of a ha$$le). My Mother enjoyed the “Drunken Nut” which is free of corn syrup and made with Texas pecans in a handmade shortbread crust.  On another occasion, I had the “Smooth Operator” which is a french silk chocolate filling in a salty pretzel crust. Of all three, this one fell short for me. But, I should also note it beats the majority of restaurant desserts I’ve had. There was just something basic about it….par-for-the-course chocolate pie.

So, you see – it was meant to be. We were supposed to be strolling by Emporium Pies at that very time on that very day when there just happened to not be a line. At the time I’m publishing this, I think the seasonal pies are still around. I’d imagine they will disappear fast – SO MOVE IT. You NEED some “Father Christmas” in your life.

Burb Tip: There is an Emporium Pies in downtown McKinney, TX. (Google it. It’s North)



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